An Observation On Serving Your Country

There are bad people who do bad things, good people who do bad things, and people who stand by, apathetically watching, as others act. This is axiomatic. Culture, creed, religion, gender, ethnicity, and politics are immaterial when it comes to this truth. It is no different for the military.

For anyone who is serving, or has served, it is obvious that the media is only interested in stories about the aforementioned people. The public wants what it wants, and cares naught for anything not adhering to their agenda, whether personal or institutional. I have found that most know nothing about the many ways in which veterans, and actively serving troops, have made the world a better place to live, whether individually or globally.

During the years that I served in the US Army, I never had my humanity tested. I am so very proud to have served in Desert Storm, and to be able to call myself a veteran. I am proud to be a part of a family legacy, wherein my great-grandfather, my grandfather, my father, and my uncle have all served during times of war. I am the only woman, in my family to have served, but the women in my family have always praised my choice and supported me during my years of service. I also happened to be the proud wife of a retired Army combat veteran. My husband is the inspiration for this project, for it is his stories that I wanted told. I wanted other people to know that, as a soldier, he was a “rough man,” but he is and was also compassionate, selfless, and kind in his actions. His is the character that does not require an audience to do the right thing, nor acknowledgement for defending the weak or helping a stranger.


This is for posterity, so please be specific.

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