Veterans helping veterans

Until I start getting submitted stories (see the about page), I need more content, or I will start rambling about off-topic subject matter, and then it’ll be chaos and mayhem. Possibly, even shenanigans ensuing. It’ll be unseemly, and the legal team insists upon seemliness. Anyways, veterans helping other veterans isn’t completely out of my lane of fire, and often times veterans are simply unaware of how to even start looking for support, much less aware of its existence. I speak from experience.

So for our first act of the evening, I give you: WordPress Help and Support

How WPVets Works was created and launched in 2011 to help those who have proudly served our country by providing the opportunity to get the information and guidance they need to start their own online business (sole-proprietors) or Blog with a WordPress Web site.

Are you a sole proprietor Veteran? Thinking of starting a new online business with a WordPress site? Or, do you already have a WordPress site and just need some guidance on what you need to do to be viable and compete? Even if you only have a personal or hobby Web site ā€” Iā€™m here to help!

In addition, if your loved one was in the military and made the ultimate sacrifice and you need help creating a memorial or foundation page ā€” please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.

They’ve got some groovy links on their website, as well as a nifty way to help vets. The more positive voices out there, speaking for themselves and others, contributing to the conversation about our military and allied forces, the less bad press controlling the narrative. The more supportive voices that returning soldiers hear upon their return home, the more successful and productive they can be in their military career and afterwards.

If you know of any individuals or organizations who are working towards the same goal, and could use a bit more exposure, then let me know, and I’ll give them all the gushing praise they could possibly want.


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