It doesn’t count if you need to be shamed into doing a good thing.

Spirit caves: Airline boss to refund dying veteran’s fare | Fox News.

Dying Vietnam veteran Jerry Meekins is getting his money back from Spirit Airlines’ tightfisted boss after all.

After a week of criticism from veterans around the nation, Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza issued a statement Friday afternoon saying he would personally refund Meekins’ $197 airfare, and that the discount carrier would make a $5,000 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project.

To think how much good publicity he could have generated, if he’d just done the right thing in the first place. What an asshat. I know for a fact that other airlines will cancel your ticket if you have a doctor’s note. It’s just good business, especially when you are transporting hundreds of people, in a flying germ canister. Do you really want a medical emergency on your flight? Isn’t that going to cost you even more money, if you have to turn around,or stop, for a sick individual? Fine you’re a discount carrier, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have sound business practices or recognize a PR nightmare when it steps on your dick.

Ben Baldanza you are a fucking douchebag of the highest order. I may have to figure out how to create an award for tools such as this. The order of the douchebag.

Update: By Congressional Mandate (meaning me, myself, and I), Ben Baldanza is hereby awarded the Meritorious Order of the Douchebag

Meritorious Order of The Douchebag





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