Rules of Engagement

Afghan Women and Equal Rights

NATO tv video at link (Sorry about that, WordPress won’t let me embed it)

This would not be occurring if not for our forces fighting to destroy the Taliban regime. Women and children could hope for a future that did not include rape, sex trafficking, slavery, and opium trade. We’ve been actively involved in undermining the Taliban since 1994.  Although they first appeared to be a movement that intended to bring order and stability. The CIA (and our government) backed this organization, possibly hoping it would actually be a force for peace. Obviously, they backed the wrong horse.

In mid-2000 the Taliban split into 3 separate groups. One group became a sub army of Osama Bin Laden who began to pay the leaders of the Taliban and directly influenced the Taliban movement. This group has a Wahabi belief and is set to bring strict Islamic rule in Afghanistan. This group enforced the strict dress code while Taliban were in power, undermining women’s rights, disallowing music and film. Basically they imported Saudi Arabian culture into Afghanistan in the name of Islam.The Second group of Taliban are paid by Pakistan’s Intelligence agency (ISI). This group is made up Pakistani ISI agents, Pakistani army soldiers and Punjabi and Sindi militants dressed in Afghan clothing set to destroy Afghanistan national identity, it’s art and culture, and infrastructure so Afghanistan can be under the influence of Pakistan. This group is the one who destroyed the Bamian Buddhas, The Afghan TV archives, and cultural sites. This group is the force behind continuing the war between Taliban and US, because the benefactor would be the Pakistani Government via US Aid to Pakistan. Every time there are talks of peace between a mainstream Taliban leader and the Afghan government, The ISI Taliban perform an act of violence against the Afghan and US government to derail these talks. And every time these mainstream Taliban are immediately arrested or assassinated upon their announcements for peace. The August 8th 2011 shooting of the US Helicopter is the work of the Pakistani ISI backed Taliban group. Though the mainstream Taliban are afraid of voicing any opinions in fear that their location will be identified via computer use, GPS cell phones and more. The Pakistani ISI Backed Taliban freely claim any act of violence via tweeter, facebook, text messages deep within Pakistan and they are never identified or targeted.The third group is the actual Taliban (students of Islam) who see Jihad as a pillar of their religion and fight to preserve their faith and fight foreign invaders. They are indifferent to cultural beliefs, music, and dress codes. This group fought hard to keep the Bamian Buddhas from destruction. They are for women’s right to education, and are against the Wahabisim of Afghanistan and prefer the mainstream Cairo Islamic Schools. Judging from the cash flow of these three groups. The Pakistani ISI backed Taliban are indirectly funded by the US funds to Pakistan and in essence, the US is funding their own enemies, the Second strongest group is the Wahabi Taliban funded by the oil rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Third group (Islamic Students) are fighting for a cause rather than money.

So why am I bringing this up? Why am I re-visiting old history?

Because of this:

Obama Administration Sets Taliban Fighters Free for a Pledge

Those efforts have “yielded little to no progress in recent years,” according to the report. Nevertheless, strategic releases are being used in an ongoing effort to end the Afghanistan war through negotiation and are part of the Obama administration’s strategy for exiting Afghanistan, the report said. Most of the released prisoners who promised not to act out violently were high-level, notorious Taliban fighters. No cases of strategic gain were reported and the number of released “detainees” who later rejoined attacks against American troops was unavailable.

US administration threatens to veto bill placing conditions on Pakistan aid

Last week, the House Armed Services Committee “overwhelmingly” passed the Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) 2013 imposing conditions on Pakistan for receiving economic and military aid from the US based on Islamabad’s action against terrorists and IEDs.Among other things, NDAA 2013 prohibits the preferential procurement of goods or services from Pakistan till Islamabad re-opens the crucial NATO supply routes to Afghanistan, which were closed in the aftermath of the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers on November 26 in a NATO cross-border fire.

The bill notes that the Taliban, Haqqanis and associated insurgents continue to enjoy safe havens in Pakistan, but are unlikely to be capable of overthrowing the Afghan Government unless the United States withdraws forces precipitously from Afghanistan.

Apparently we’ve given the Pakistan Government approximately 20 billion in military and economic aid since 9/11.

We’re releasing the worst of the worst to return to the communities, where they are free to terrorize the populace, as long as they don’t engage the guys with the guns. We’re paying our enemies’ friends and supporters, who are in turn actively aiding and supporting them.

This isn’t anything like Vietnam, this is Somalia all over again. But the only problem the media seems to have is when our guys get caught posing with or pissing on corpses of dead Taliban. That shit has been happening since before history was recorded. The only difference is that now we have Youtube and journalists who have nothing better to report on than the stupid antics of soldiers engaging in gallows humor.

So why are we fighting? What happened to killing the bad guys and preventing them from ever doing bad things to the helpless? I don’t want this blog to be about politics, but how can we stand for anything when politics eats away at the very ideals for which you  were fighting and dying ?


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