This Blog is Going to The Dogs

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Puppy Saved From Torture

Staff Sergeant Nick B. has served in the Army for 13 years. To some, he appears to be a tough, imposing figure. But to Bodhi, an Afghan herding dog saved from a life of torment, Nick is a kind, caring savior.

Nick was on patrol in Afghanistan when he found Bodhi tied up and covered in mud. His ears and half of his tail had been cut off.

“They were going to use him to fight other dogs as entertainment. You could just tell he hadn’t been fed properly. He was really skinny and malnourished. When I saw that, it just broke my heart. I knew I had to get this dog out of here,” Nick said.

Nick reached out to Puppy Rescue Mission for assistance, and together they coordinated Bodhi’s trip.  He was flown into Pensacola Saturday, and was visibly relieved to see the man who saved his life. Nick said the feeling was mutual.

“It’s so much better knowing I saved this dog from a life of eating scraps of trash and not knowing if he’s going to be shot,” Nick said. “I know his life will be so much better now. He’ll have a lot of land to run around on, a pool to play in, a loving family, and he’ll be fed properly and bathed. It’s an amazing feeling.”

As I keep saying, Fred you’re wrong about soldiers.

If the stupid embedded video doesn’t work, the link to the story has the video, itself.


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