There IS Something Wrong Here…

A random commenter on an old Huffington Post editorial, on troops in 82nd INF DIV (ABN)

there is something wrong here, the troops want to go to afghanistan, must be the american war mentality at work here………[sic]

So, I wonder if anyone ever asks:

  • if Firemen want to go play with fire, or if it is just the American arsonist mentality
  • if Police officers want to go apprehend criminals and enforce the law, or if it is just the American police state mentality
  • if EMT and Search and Rescue teams want to go find people who are severely injured and wounded, or if it is just the American sadistic mentality
  • if Judges and Prosecutors want to put people in jail, or if it is just the American power-mad mentality
  • if the Border Patrol want to capture illegal immigrants and return them to their own country, or if it is just the American racist mentality
  • if Surgeons want to cut people open, or if it just the American lust for blood and gore mentality

Anyone else know the lyrics to this tune? I’ve been hearing it played over and over about the US military, but apparently no other military has this problem. What do I know. I wanted to go when I was still in. I wanted to do my job. I had this crazy notion that I was protecting the Allies of the United States. There wasn’t an “Internet” to speak of, back in 1991, so I didn’t have to worry about people chopping my principles out from underneath me or questioning my motives or ethics.

I would certainly enjoy a face to face interaction with the individuals and/or groups who are so dismissive of our military personnel. I have no doubt that the Joes in the 82nd would greatly enjoy an intellectual debate on the concept of the American War Mentality.  Then they’d offer to continue the discussion in a more private venue where it could be addressed in a less formal manner.

I’d put my money on the Airborne Infantry every time, for the win. I’ve had the honor of calling a bunch of them friend. They are definitely some of the smartest and best human beings on the planet.

2 comments on “There IS Something Wrong Here…

  1. irongrampa says:

    Having had several face to face interactions with those who are dismissive of the military, I can tell you they are not mutually beneficial.

    Of course, these occurred during and after the Vietnam war. Could be that conditions have since changed, however.

    I wore the uniform with PRIDE, but when I see these young men and women serving today, it humbles me.

    Be an immeasurable honor to wear it again with them.

  2. DejahThoris says:

    Iron Grandpa, Welcome Home, and thank you so much for serving our country. It is an honor to have to you visit.

    I was so proud of being in uniform, that sometimes I would get goose-pimples. I miss it to this day. I can barely stand to go to the VA for an appointment, I get so overcome with emotion that it is all I can do not to cry. I want to thank every soldier that I see, and it is a reminder of how badly that I want to still be wearing that uniform.

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