My Grandfather’s Field Jacket

My Grandfather gave me his uniform jacket, after Desert Storm. It is the only thing that I have, that was his. He served in WWII and Korea.

He died in 2008.He was so proud of me for joining the Army. He was a lifetime member of the VFW; they put up yellow ribbons all over town in my honor, and in honor of the rest of the troops. There was never any grey area, as far as me being a soldier. My parents weren’t happy, but my Grandfather bragged about me constantly. Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about what he did, because he would just make jokes about it whenever I queried about it. Or he would tell me all the “fun” stuff he did while in Germany.

RIP Grandpa.

One comment on “My Grandfather’s Field Jacket

  1. Thanks to both of your for serving

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