Mission Statement

This is an effort to counter all of the negative press about members of the Armed Forces and Allies of the United States. If you or someone you know, acted with honor, integrity, and kindness in any mission, any time, or any place.
If you have anything that you would like to tell the world, please email me, and I will post it exactly as you have sent it, unless you would like it to be edited for grammar and clarity. Please explicitly state this in your email! You may submit anonymously, or under a pseudonym, if you so choose, unless they are second-hand stories.
I reserve the right to censor anything that appears to be inflammatory, or intentionally discriminatory. This is supposed to be about good stuff, people, so no ethnic slurs. Colorful language is welcomed. I would love to get videos, copies of letters, and images that showcase you and your buddies’ awesomeness. If they need to be censored due to OPSEC or just for the sake of privacy, please feel free to ask for assistance. If needed.

All of the above may change at my whim. It behooves you to check it out once in a while, just to make certain I’m not being contrary.



This is for posterity, so please be specific.

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